1st TouchPay Solution

No credit card required

In-store & Online payments

From your mobile phone

About IzyPayment

IzyPayment is the first TouchPay, cardless payment service provider in Africa not requiring a bank account. With IzyPayment you may pay in store, online, pay bills as well transfer funds to relatives. Unlike other providers, IzyPayment goes beyond mobile wallets and also offers financial insitutions such as banks and microfinances. With our network of partners, IzyPayment is available to all social classes.

Our Services

1 TouchPay

With TouchPay you can make direct in-store payments by simply scanning the merchant mobile device. TouchPay is highly secured as you do not need to share your details such as phone number, with merchants in order to complete a purchase.

Also, with TouchPay you can view your transaction history at any time and see all your expenditures as well as when and where they happened.

2 WebPay

WebPay is our online payment gateway. You can use your IzyPayment account to pay on a website or a mobile app.

If you are a merchant, you can offer your customer a secure and efficient payment gateway on a technology they already trust. Our gateway works on web apps, mobile apps and desktop applications. You merchant account is, by default, cross-platform.

3 Funds transfer

Thanks to your IzyPayment account, you can now transfer funds to another user regardless of their network. You can use it to top up friends and relatives balance.

IzyPayment transfer are all free of charge and can be use to purchase within our merchant network.

How it works

1 Sign Up

Your account identifies you and secure access to your data. If you intend to sell through IzyPayment, please create a merchant account. If not, create a free user account.

2 Download

Download the app to activate your account. The app also allows you to to start making payments, in-store and online. If you do not have an account yet, you can create your account directly from the app.

3 Top up

Top up your account with our partners and start paying with your phone. Please, make sure your phone is compatible. All Internet enabled smartphones are compatible.

How much does this cost?

Most IzyPayment services are free of charge to users. This includes account creation TouchPay payments, online payments, mobile apps payments and funds transfer.

Who is using IzyPayment?

Need assistance? Call us on 6 9988 7766